It Happened to Us

Mathieu and Lori-Anne Delacroix wanted a big family and after years of trying finally had a beautiful baby girl they named Nadia. Unfortunately, they weren’t able to have any more children.

Centering their lives around their daughter, the small family built a happy and fulfilling life together. But then one winter afternoon while driving Nadia to dance class, Lori-Anne is involved in a car crash.

With each passing week Mathieu drifts further away emotionally as he struggles to cope with the accident that changed everything. On the surface, Lori-Anne appears to be dealing with the aftermath better, but deep down her guilt consumes her.

Their once unshakeable marriage is now falling apart.

An unimaginable tragedy becomes the catalyst that pulls at the thread of their relationship. How far can the strength of their love be pulled apart before everything they’ve once had is completely destroyed? Or can they find a way back to each other and begin the long and painful healing process together.

It Happened to Us explores the complex yet fragile bond within a marriage and how a devastating event can push the strongest of love to the breaking point.

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