Title of new novel

It’s been way too long since my last post. Again life got busy. We moved and then I suffered a concussion in Jan of 2016 which prevented me from using my computer for about 4 months. It’s quite amazing and alarming what a bump on the head can do. Needless to say, it was a long winter.

But in late May, I was able to get back to it and picked up where I’d left off in January. I finally finished editing my second novel in August.

Now we’re into September and I still need to proofread before I send the manuscript to my editor. So at this time it looks like early 2017 before my new novel is available, or two years after publishing It Happened to US. It’s a bigger gap then I’d planned but hopefully the wait will be worth it.

And I’ve finally settled on a title for my new novel: Beautiful Midnight.

Once I finalize the book blurb I’ll post it so everyone can get an idea of the story. For now I can let you know that the main character’s name is, obviously enough, Midnight.

Do not switch POV in the middle of a scene

Several years ago I took a writing a novel course from Writer’s Digest and it really changed the way I wrote. Until then I had never realized I was guilty of switching point-of-view from one character to another during a scene.

Here’s what I mean:

Mathieu looked at Lori-Anne and couldn’t believe how beautiful she was. He wanted to take her into his arms and tell her he was sorry, sorry for being a jerk, sorry for shutting her out, sorry that he had blamed her for the death of their daughter.

But then he thought of what she’d done and the wall came back up.

“You OK?’ Lori-Anne said.

He shrugged. “Not every day I bury my daughter.”

Lori-Anne looked like she’d been slapped. Here he goes again, she thought, like Nadia was just his daughter. She was so tired of him blaming her for the accident. She turned and walked away from him and went to join her parents.

See what happened there? We’re inside the head of both characters and that should never happen. A scene should be seen from just one POV character.

Ever since I took that writing course, I’ve paid close attention when I edit a scene to make sure I remove any switching POV. It happens during the first draft, because I’m normally just writing fast and furious which is what the first draft should be, but then it must be edited out.

I also lean on my editor to catch those that got passed my editing. Which some do, which is why you need other eyes to look at your manuscript.

Next time you read your favourite author, see if you can find any switching POV in a scene. Some of the biggest names still do it which is sort of amazing and unfortunate. Means they were missed by everyone that had a hand on the manuscript.

Don’t let that happen to your writing. It really weakens a story.

Next Book – Editing Chapter 3

I’m currently editing chapter 3 of my second novel. Like it happens so often, life gets busy and I’m not able to spend as much time working on my book as I’d like. But sometimes that’s not a bad thing. Gives me time to work scenes out in my head before I write them. Still, I do prefer to work on it every day to keep the flow going and to stay in the story without needing to read back what I’ve written from the start.

I do like how it’s coming along and even though so far I’ve pretty much rewritten the first three chapters, I believe the story is much better than the original draft. After all, that’s the point of editing and rewriting.

I do have the title that I believe I’ll stay with and will reveal it once I’m halfway done.



It Happened to Us – now only 0.99 (but for a limited time)

From now until the end of May 2015, I’ve dropped the price of It Happened to Us to just 0.99 (most currencies). I wanted to make sure everyone could get a copy at an affordable price. Don’t forget to let me know what you think or better yet, leave a review on Goodreads, Facebook, Smashwords, Amazon, Kobo, and any other social media site.

Thanks for reading!

Smashwords Interview

I posted a detailed interview on Smashwords. Please drop by and learn a bit more about me. Let me know if there are any other questions you’d like me to answer and I will. While there, you can get a really good preview of IT HAPPENED TO US. Smashwords provides 20% of the novel to be sampled so you’ll be able to read the first 50 pages or so.


Working on my next novel

I’ve started editing my second novel. For now I’ll simply call it BOOK 2 until I’m certain the title I have in mind will stick. I actually wrote this novel before IT HAPPENED TO US but wasn’t quite happy with it at the time so I took a break from it. I’ve reworked chapter 1 so far and I like it but it’s not quite finished. Editing is a long process and I expect it will take at least 6 months. My goal is to have this novel ready for publication before the end of 2015.

If you’ve read IT HAPPENED TO US, please let me know what you thought, or better yet tell the world and leave a review on your favourite social site.

Thanks for dropping by. I really appreciate it.

It Happened to Us – 4th draft returned from editor

I have received the edited copy of the 4th draft back from my editor. I’m going through it right now and once that is done, I will start formatting the manuscript for epub and Mobi formats. My goal is for you to be able to purchase the ebook (kobo, Amazon, Smashwords, and others) by the end of January 2015, with the print version following shortly after if you prefer a printed book (to be available from Amazon).