My Bio

Fran├žois Houle was born in a small town outside of Montreal but grew up in Toronto. He currently lives in Ottawa, Ontario.

Love of books

He remembers falling in love with reading at a very young age (grade three seems about right). He didn’t read big long novel then, preferring comic books like Tintin, Asterisk, Hulk, and most other Super Heroes. As a teenager, he discovered Bob Morane and then Stephen King, Isaac Asimov, Arthur C. Clark, and Frank Herbert.

His first attempt at writing was when he was 12 and he tried to create his own comic book. In 1983, he started his first French novel and gave up after hand writing 30 pages. Finally, in January 1985, he started a sci-fi novel that he would finish 2 years later.

Over the years, numerous other novels were written (8) but it wasn’t until 2010, when he wrote It Happened to Us, that he’d finally written a story that he truly loved.

In 2017, he wrote two novellas, We Became Us and Broken Hearts that are prequels to It Happened to Us.

 5 Fun Facts

  1. I’ve been a Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW) since 2004.
  2. My resume work is published in the 1st edition of Best Canadian Resumes.
  3. I love woodworking (I built the desk in my office where I write).
  4. I’m a big hockey and football fan.
  5. I love alternative music.


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